My story

I’m passionate about helping people to develop better ways with money.  For years my own finances were a mess, living from month to month, despite earning a salary that I should have easily been able to live on.  Any attempt I made to be better with money lasted a few months and then I’d slide back into bad habits. It was a stressful time and my self-esteem was rock bottom.  Finally, when I found I had £7 left for food and travel with 10 days until pay-day, I realised I just had to do something as this was a ridiculous way to be living.   Twenty years later, my finances are healthy and well managed.  I’m proactive, I’m in control, and making the most of my money is even fun.

This whole experience left me with a burning interest in personal finance and the emotional impact of money and finance on people’s ability to thrive. I also have a long-standing interest in alternative measures of prosperity, the economics of wellbeing and ethical investing.  I turned these interests into a side-hustle, which grew over the years, while I followed a career in higher education and later in the voluntary sector. 

I trained as a financial coach with Simonne Gnessen at Wise Monkey Financial Coaching.   Simonne is the UK’s original and most well established financial coach and I’m proud to be an alumna of her training and professional development, and part of her wider professional development network.  I’m a member of the Association for Coaches (AC), working towards my Coach accreditation, and an associate of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Outside of money coaching, I am an experienced change facilitator, consultant and project manager. I’m trained in numerous facilitation and development methods, including Art of Hosting, Narrative Therapy, action learning and systemic facilitation.

I spent 16 years project managing in civil society organisations and partnerships including the New Economics Foundation, Locality and the Centre for Thriving Places. During this time I was involved in community-led economic development, community organising on a grand scale and the development of new measures of prosperity to replace GDP.  Much of my work has been in the fertile space of innovative new ways of thinking and doing.

I love football, cycling, being outdoors, gardening, style, culture and the North.


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